February 22, 2011


Posted in Christianity at 9:26 pm by Staci Hart Mauney

Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honor. (Prov. 29:23)

All of my life, I’ve considered myself a perfectionist. Those closest to me feel this way as well. But what I once considered a good characteristic because it kept me focused and helped me know what I wanted out of life, I now see as a major stumbling block: as a perfectionist, I become controlling, demanding, and do not work well with others. Most people don’t like working with someone who wants to remain in control all of the time and would rather do the job herself because she’s so particular about the outcome. It’s not that I think I can do it better – I really don’t – but since I don’t know when to let go, I often come across as having a superior attitude.

Recently, I read somewhere that perfectionism is just pride smothered in a big blanket of humility. When I read that description, I felt a little nudge in my heart. The author had just described my tendency toward perfectionism perfectly. While I want others to see me as having a modest spirit, I know that deep down, I am full of self-importance and arrogant conceit.

Even though it is difficult to let go when I want things to turn out a certain way, I’m learning that I am not the one who’s in control. I must work with those around me to accomplish tasks, and when we work as a team, we can achieve greater things that I can realize on my own. The Lord has shown me that my pride and arrogance are detrimental to my growth as a Christian and to those around me. Each day he’s showing me how to let go just a little bit more.


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